vegas spa time

hill and i decided we need to get out of town last week…and we’ve been planning since:
she suggested palmsprings..and i was in.
i suggested santabarbara…she was in..but the thing is..
for what we wanted, everything was ridiculously expensive(like 700/night)
our wants?
awesome room , priced so we could each have our own…
spa w/ massage etc.
amazing restaurant/ food.
(my secret wish list , of course included hot guys, but thats just me, hills of course is to in love to think of these petty details..)
guess where we ended up?

we are in !vegas?..and its perfecxt so far. flew in this afternoon.
we have three days a
bungalow at the pool ,
food choices that cause us insanity.
and a bookstore that is ridiculously great.. and urban outfitters for soooooo cheap( iguess this is the down season)
we just got here today so ill fill in what lives up to what expectation as we experience them…
but so far so awesome…
we had a little urbanoutfitters shop, noodle / thai ice tea/ greentea icecream dinner
and we havent left the hotel doors.
now lets see about the hot dude with insta mad lust (and total asserytiveness) arriving………..