What a Long Strange trip it really has been

But Who knew that last saturday, i would be knee deep in patchouli, smelly dogs, miracles, beads acid and a few lost souls?and how odd and emotional a trip back in time via a concert could be..
where?The Dead(?).. 2009(???) at LA Forum.
So, 12 years into living here- far far faaar away from that life… i found myself cruising the parking lot- ears perked for the hiss of balloons( out of years of finetuning..Did not partake)
it was sureal. to say the least.
i dont think i loved the music .. very much at all.. i did love the experience. It was like timetravelling.. and being super glad to have lived throught that era of my life.. and “grateful’ for it all.. But also Grateful for the Now.
Especially when they busted out “Satisfaction” -that sucked.