what will it take?

to become a fucking awesome person that is super rich in every aspect of the term rich?
well, first lets look at the assininity of timepassers that hold us locked outside of the great world of plenty…how manytimes a day do you find yourslef pondering ~
“what do you call male lady bugs?” or ” why do people always give me the dumbest questions for my blog?”~far far too manytimes, im sure.
So, stop it. right now.
Sure, there may be answers to these questions..and you may even be the one to find them; but i can promise you , they aren’t getting you anywhere near where you want to be.
So , again, i reiterate:stop it.
From now on, everytime these aimless queries comeup, grab hold of your genius brain, and pull a switch aroo on them: turn them into signposts that you are nowhere you want to be and its time to do something more productive and relevant towards gettin rich or famous . Ask not “what of the male ladybug” but “what of me and my unrealized awesomeness?”
NOW:hurry and go forth and Propel yourself into the glory and kingdom that all the rich dudes live in.

ps: i wrote this to myownself. it’s a reminder , so to speak…as in when im finding myself editing old posts …waxing poetic over days goneby..