wide AWAKE

i am wide AWAKE so early again its bizarre.
i have many things i could be doing, but im looking through design magazines
(not g.design, interior stuff)
josh ( upstairs neigbhour)fixed my electricity last night!i have had the worst faulty outlets since moving to this place in 1999. now not only can i turn lights on via their switches,..but he showed me how things worked and were wired, which is always fun for this dork.
i love that shit, And he has a special toolkit with soldering iron which i must find a use for at once.

lastnight had awesome dinner with hils df and mw .missed the babyc, but she was otherwise occupied visiting cheyenne, i believe.
was OG 101 table.

awesome day on monday w/ lel. he came over in the am , w.his computer but didnt have powersource( he thought id have one for it)
so both of in shitty stress moods..went out to melrosemacgot one then met jk at 101..and had funny long lunch together.then went back to my house and sorted out his computer and hd problemo’s
he made me the awesomest playlist ever.
damn i have a good core group of people ..i always forget how funny they are , too.
jk has been extra funny last few days.
picked em up after the movies ( they went .i was at dinner) drove them home as they walked down…i was laughing a lot. it make s me happy when they r happy.