neighbours are hot

my life is weird. or more accuretly, i guess, life in general, is weird.
i live below 2 army rangers. as in US army special forces , both veterans of the war.
They are little boys, in that they are 22 and 23.
they are both my friends. Jf is like my brother.
tonight a friend of theirs, from their troop, arrived to visit for the weekend –
i brought them out to to a dumb-ish hollywood party.
the misconceptions i have of people was evident this eve.
i dance when i go to party’s clubs etc.
but not serious dance, i usually am in the best least crowded spot doing fun goofy moves w/ a friend( i have a list of my dancing friends -its very specific.) So these boys come meet us( im with/aj and cr ) and i assume they will need to be entertained and not want to dance-or be really bad embarrassing dancers…i made these assumptions because, in my head, if they were in the army ..they cant possibly “get it”
ie: be quick enuff to get into dance dumbness i do.
Oh how very wrong i was….. how naive i am..
they were immeadiatly on the floor with us…goofing and not being gross/embarassing.
actually being more fun on a dance floor than any guy in the hollywood vicinty…that i know.
(save for mw at ad )
AND we stayed up talking after and i came to realize alot more.
Mostly about the assiniity(?) my assumptions create and how elitist i am, with no good cause.
i think i may have missed out on alot of experiences, thus far in life due to this …must note and stay in awareness ….Oh and BTW:
friend visiting is hot. extremely. he reminds me of someone else.
someone who i think of too much..and musnt.