Sundays: Dfly Files Part #2

sunday night par usuale..

i must say though.. this evenings dance moves seemed especially dazzling.
and the first set of ‘guest’ dancers were AWEsum.
a bit different than what we usually see…a little, shall we say, ‘tougher’?
more .. ‘melissa ethridge’ than your average sunday softcore dancer.
but they Just saddled on up there , rawkinHard around the band..yet,
focusing most of this down n dirty awesome-ness on ( of course) lead singer kevin Even my fellow canadian, avril lavigne’s guest spot , although super kickass and all… ..
didnt hold a candle to the less famous antics…such as..

say… the ultra-aggressive ‘dry humping’ of above forementioned lead singer by 4..5? 7?.. of the bands finest fans, during the always rowdy ‘like a virgin’ cover.
None of these girls looked or acted much like virgins.
In fact , they looked well versed in how to hump ferreal……..
although, it sorta looked like kevin got hurt , but that could of been pleasurable pain,…..
i mean really..what do i know?

BUT…The bestest part by far, was the front row awesome-ness.
From start to finish these girls ruled in all their fascinating comehitherness. i need a camera to document. its trully spectacular.
*note:..i m not sure they are aware these guys are a cover band..?