im back

i m back-couldnt stand being away. i am about truth(sorta)-mostly aboutthis thing..and the good it does me- so i wont stop again. i had it out with someone ,really brutally- i let three years of unresolved stuff boil over and if i learned anything from this incident,it was to process everything asap. and let shit…
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its not you…its me.seriously

no more of this – i am sorry to say- the journal is over with and i am grateful for getting to do this for as long as i did. but one of my bestfriends got very hurt upon interpreting an entry as a slag against her- and i do not want to have this…
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sitting working-really

sitting working-really anxious about nothing and everything: dmv, paul medved ,money . must realize everything will work out far better than if i try and micromange and stress..gotta let it whats in front of me. take care of things- call mom re ie’s truck. get her to talk to eddie and his accountant. then…
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mercury retro

OH MY GAWD i hjust lost the longest ranting post in histry of my bloging and it was all about the fucking knarly shit that happened today- all technical car/computer/etc.stuff…how f*^#ing ironic is that??????