im back

i m back-couldnt stand being away. i am about truth(sorta)-mostly aboutthis thing..and the good it does me- so i wont stop again. i had it out with someone ,really brutally- i let three years of unresolved stuff boil over and if i learned anything from this incident,it was to process everything asap. and let shit go. let it go and forgive for real. i’m all about praying for my resentments to go the fuck away. i am sorry and sad that i was so harsh to this person- but if it is true that everything happens for a reason, then there must be a really good reason for this.
went to delux this eve- after eating with mjk and dia. fun dinner- fairly entertaining at the club- was supposed to meet ch -he stood me up- un real. oh well. no more help for his love life.
got to see cole and lfb and a few others i rarely see these days.
nice-few awkward moments but i let them go quickly and was able to fend off the ugly energies.
i am so stressed about landlord and mom.