A habit is a pattern of behavior acquired by repetition

A habit is a pattern of behavior acquired by repetition. Psychologists and behavior experts say that it takes about 20 to 70 days to form a new habit.

(from “the 10 minute guide to getting organized”By Janet Bigham Bernstel, Stephen Windhaus)

Tres interessant, non?

So, it only takes a few weeks, if this theory is correct, to become addicted…to anything?

its seems so simple when you try something new or start a new ‘habit’ without meaning it to be a ‘habit’ ..like having a cup a coffee one moring..when you havent ever been a coffee drinker- but one a.m. its presented and drunk enjoyed and ..associated?…probably because of outer crcumstances..not cause the coffee was so great..you were in a really great fun conversation..or something cool happens and your happy horomones kick in … and subsequently coffee is forever associated with the emotion felt.

what the hell am i talking about ?

im either loney bored or both?