almost died tonight

almost died on friday night. fer exaggeration.
dia and i were curious as to why so many cops were speeding(siren-less) by…So we decide to ‘follow’
dumb move
we cut a block below them to delongpre.thinking we can ‘see’ whats going on , up on hollywood from there.
we run right into the cause of the cop brigade:
Huge guy comes flying (running) towards us..he hesitates when he sees us and goes in his pants to pullo ut his gun.
and starts angling towards us…as if to get in the car.
holy shit..i dont even really remember much of this..but i know i was trying desperatley to lock the doors(?) cept i just kept rolling down and up the windows and UNlocking the doors( ne w car..)
then the police were behind and infront and aabove (chopper)
and the ‘fugitive’ (or perp?) takes off – away from us..
then there is the screaming cops and we are frozen and inch forward and there is some big standoff to our right with more guys and guns drawn and i dont know what to cop is screaming for us to get out of there..but there is no where to go till one guy see us and helps us back onto hollywood..and it was over.