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from the vault

in lieu of writing anything of substance I’ll be  picking and posting pictures I’ve taken encapsulate the essence of what i may have posted, if i were , in fact going to post. Which  clearly i dont do anymore.

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Right here right now

Patrick sent me this ( by artist wendy mcnaughton)via his friend mimi

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just in case- save your flickr pics

im none too aware when it comes to big business and all its drama;…but that said, thanks to wamu , i did learn to create a sort-of “prick-ur-ears” personal-filter for anysuch news.. which may directly impact me.. and so of Yahoo…

I am not REALLY following the recent accounts of the apparent faltering of the interent icon, except for the fact that yahoo owns flickr – whom hosts a shit load of my images – some of which im pretty sure don’t exist anywhere else except on flickr servers..

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happy birthday Dad

John Givins Creelman and me

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Massive Attack: AWESOME

MassiveAttack last night at the wiltern. It goes down as one of top 5 concerts,EVER

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simple portfolio Website for photographer:

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What a Long Strange trip it really has been

But Who knew that last saturday, i would be knee deep in patchouli, smelly dogs, miracles, beads acid and a few lost souls?and how odd and emotional a trip back in time via a concert could be..

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laurel canyon

my cheap ass canon “learner” camera coupled w/ the trails by dlohs house, set me up for some pretty spectacular

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mirror image

Bored? meet bored-er ***note the wp sweatshirt awesomeness?Where is my product placement deal?

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NIN – two views…

Two pictures, that sum up the saturday evening show at at the Great American Forum, PERFECTLY: . AND The 2nd one , reposted from here

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2008 Vice Photo Show @ Scion Installation Gallery

2008 Vice Photo Show @ Scion Installation Gallery, originally uploaded by elementalc. WHATS UP>>BUCKY BEAVER FACE?? I am NEVER letting anyone take my photo AGAIN.

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