christmas day. i’m in vegas

its christmas day. im in vegas.
again. kinda fun.sad.eerie/meloncholly creepy but good.
mom kelly are across the hall..we are staying at TheHotel
flew out last night , after minor emotional family drama,
he flew back this afternoon to tend to his dog.
did a little stocking ceremony at lunchtime.
last night we went gambling – both c and i won .
(he on much LARGER Stakes…)
i won 480 on 50 cent slots at hardrock.
and bluffed /brokeeven on poker table
he played craps..
kel roulllet
im sorta anxious right now. not sure what about.
need to settle.
lots of free floating fears..always when i m around m.
Mom is living in san clemente now.
i guess.. that swhat she told me, anyhow.
pretty cool, as she ll be close but not at my house.
and i have a beach escapre.
ipod wont work..and im not in the mode to figure out why.
the evening is approaching..will write more soon.