daily downside

breakfast w/d at ihop was a surprisingly nice start to a productive day …
But,to be fair to my recent pessimistic nature, i must give precedence to bad news (sorry):
After my hearty all-american ihop breakfast of a bacon cheese burger,  i (as a canadian and former vegitarian ) was forced to became  aware of  how bitter sweetly american ive become, eh?
case inpoint:
my new fuckin  food groups:
fried bread.
addicting..and overwhelming? duh?!.

it seems that in the last two weeks i have finally tried and ( as i feared), come to lust the 2 much advertised, very processed and yet oh soo fucking gdamned savory,  american delicacy’s…( oxymoron?):
The  bacon cheese burger
and The (Mighty) corn dog*.
god help me.
in all 8 years here in this fine processed land,
i dont think i’ve ever had either …prior to lately.
now im super fucked.
and/or super fat ( soon)
damn. my male friends are sabatoging me.

on a -lighter(pun intended) note…i got a ton of shit done today
and it feels so good.
i wont bore the page with details, but sufficed to say : i kicked ass and my actions  all added up to a satisfed sufficient human level of self worth , for me.

i m coming to realize the things i like to do..and am pretty adept at doing-although not exactly spectacular or glamourous – are seemingly necassary tasks that others loathe; which is a good thing (for me)
if only  i could package these tasks .
yeah right . packaging isnt part of my forte.
oh well. as long as i string together the satisfying tasks and b.o.s*, it will all work owt.
But for right now …im ok ur ok and we’re all  (fill in blank_to win ipod)

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