dfly-files 10

went to the spazmatics show this evening
few errors in judgement were made on my part
note to self: do not bring drunk friends places u want to have fun

i spent more than half the evening doing damage control:
ie:apologizing for all the elbowing and general assinine behaviour
im so embarassed for them.
everyone should leave there shit at home
if coming to this show..or anywhere for that matter

despite it all..i had great time dancing etc.

spazmatics sounded particularilly good this eve
and k/m was cute as ever.
i was even getting courage to approach
but didnt due to drunk assholes having drama
-saw him walk in, though
u r way way cuter in ‘normal’ clothes
than i could have hoped.

this is frustrating.
i dont know….
i guess ill have unrequited crush from afar
forever .

cannot get over the atrocity of
drunk assholes with me.ugh.
i actually felt like crying or punching something
when i left.i will go alone next time.
i cant get a grip on how people
can act so horribly .
its heart breaking and annoying.
i dont ever want to deal with this again.