just got off the phone w/ nb, she got a new s. wow. my feelings weren’t even hurt.
i just helped where i could. told her to pray to whoever she thought was out there to help her get through this perod.i am so glad i made an amends to her. feel helpful .
took max over to cb and he got soo much attention, i even got some guys # for potential work- through the dog!
feel a bit ‘off’ still…had to have a nap this afternoon. but definetly much moh bettah than past few days.
max is trying to get my attention with his bone thingy ..

had a great time w/ ajp .lnite. mj joined us . as did j. but it was good to just hang with ajp for awhile.
i think he’s really happy with l. gives me hope that i can find that someday(?)