help stop war

i am sick and sad.

it seems lame to be upset over what i’m upset over- but i am.
i am just fucking tired of this shit .
i dont do many great things on a day to day basis- or in my life, in general… but i know one of my most valuble and strongest traits is that i am never intentionally uninclusive. NEVER.
if i love you , and you are my friend , i will do anything in my power to make sure you never feel leftout. And i will , hopefully, always cultivate this trait/chacteristic as part of me…
This is because i find exclusivity the worst club ever created and the human behaviours associated with it: secrecy-deception-lying-concealment-(any behaviour thats carried out due to a root mal intention) are the seeds for shitty human-being-ness.
By this i refer to The kind of human that blows you off till they need something from you
– like help with their computer or to borrow your(fill in the blank)or help getting in da club … Or they just seem to never think of you when the fun stuff comes across their desk.
They are the same friend’ who never seems to see who is infront of them; only who isn’t- and they cant wait to get to that ‘other’* group
they are the one’s who dont remember to tell you about something you’d love- because they want to tell the others* first-
*( you know..the “others’-those who r higher on the guest list or closer to all the good shit?).
Its the friend that never asks or listens to whats going on with you- but seems to have you as a friend solely to criticize and give advice to, based on their idea of how or who you are.. etc etc.***
( the truth is they did seem to be your friend in a real sense at one point…but you forget when )
It’s these people , these friends, that always seem to end up getting their needs met….seemingly easily and consistently….but the catch is that its usually via mean-spirited intentions..either directly or indirectly…it doesnt matter because its the root intent that matters…

Intentions that hurt others knowingly are fucking Lame (suckass shitty bad wrong)

Enough , i say.

this is a call for action for all of us ; because i know me and my friends are just off track..and i m sure you or your friends are too….

So,Please… Lets all just try and stop it, then it will be alot easier and more enjoyable for all(even YOU-dear,mal-intentioned-overlooking-shitty friend….)

I mean c’mon, if you really think about it, how hard is it going to be?
to act -and more importantly BE, more thoughtful of others? to all those who are around you, whether they’re around by choice or by force(ie:work, partners of friends etc)
It would only mean(mind the pun) remembering this easy childhood firefighters phrase: STOP DROP AND ROLL …i’ll explain:
STOP: talking about others faults and instead DROP them a compliment
or STOP bringing up events or things that others arent going to be invited to, or hey…novel idea? DROP: them an invite ..
ROLL within their world **
-How about asking how their week is going? What amazing feelings you instill just by checking in with people, without needing them for stuff.just ROLLing with it.
without wanting invites or favours..just DROP a message to say hi.
those make me feel great. and so do the feelings i have from the intuitive sense that you (my soon-to-be-more-thoughtful friend) just give a shit about me today.
It helps me to want to give a shit about life.

See…then its easier for those of us that you intentionally were nice to , do the same thing..
It is a bit gay that im writing this- but im rea lly and truly deeply affected by these things..
To know you are hurting someone because it would be awkward for you to do otherwise is definitely not good for u them or for the planet:if u cause intentional unnecessary hurt=you cause more separation and this isnt how the war is stopped or how kids learn to be loving humans or how we create a community or help each other to help ourselves.
its silence about these behaviours that keeps them ok and thus prepetuated..So
STOP-it, DROP-someLuv and ROLL-easy …

**when you start with great intent- you’ll find others really want your advice and opinion..fancy that huh?)

One thought on “help stop war”

  1. I’m so with you. I don’t even care if I am specifically being called for hook up if you specifically call to say hello at other times. That feeling of being used is terrible like my value lies in what “stuff” I can give?

    And the fear of someone being mad at you causing lies and lack of straightforwardness is just retarded. When in the history of mankind has being honest about something that isn’t a big deal created anything other than love and harmony. I can’t believe I just said love and harmony. Is returning a phone call that difficult?

    Sometimes I get jealous of those types, cuz they do seem to get many things that I’d enjoy, but I also enjoy being the person that I am, so I guess it’s my choice.

    Ah this makes sense to only you and I, but I appreciate your honesty in this entry and your awesome Fireworks tutorial skills as well.

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