How to deal with PHONE spam

ze frank has the most useful advice when it comes to dealing with telemarketers/ collections companies or general phone spam.. (which is alot these days)…Instead of screaming DONT CALL HERE..or putting them to vm…answer try one of these ( listed below are my personal faves..but check them all out over at ze frank:

2. In an outrageously excited tone: “Thank god you called!!!” Explain that an online psychic told you that your future lover would randomly call disguised as an asshole.
9. Keep repeating, “I knew you were going to say that…”

12. Mid pitch, stop him and complement him on his wonderful voice. Explain that you are a voiceover scout and might have a breakthrough commercial job for him. Ask if he wouldn’t mind doing a quick test. Ask him to say in a deep husky voice “May cause dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting and shortness of breath. A small number of participants in a recent clinical trial experienced weight loss, irregular clotting, abnormally frequent and/or painful urination and hair loss. Results may vary”

15. Tie obscure facts about Barbara Streisand to everything thing he says,, “2.3% interest rate? oh my…did you know Barbara was 23 when she filmed Funny Girl…”