just when

just when i feel good and as though i am over all past grievances-i get hit with something from left field.
ran into vh on larchmont and came across the fact that we both knew someone in common and she was seriously crushing on him…ykw. god, i felt so weird and icky. it made me feel sad.
i am over it-i just haven’t had to share this area with anyone i know… now she seems to have ..well whatever it all doesn’t matter anymore-he hates me and i know the truth. it’s nothing more than the facts.
i guess ijust thought it was a special thing between us and from what she says -they have the exact same thing..that is what makes me sad-as the whole thing took so long for me to rectify..i had it down to the fact that we had that time together for whatever reasons and the gift was the shaft of light that peeked in when we were together-the whole passing in the night thing but more ‘poetic’ whatever-i guess not.