may the flow be with you, and also with me-moderated

re: donate button… First off, no, im not asking for free money…its just that I am owed manymany dollars, from a number of clients and friends, some for a good long time now…..and today im not really feeling the reciprocal flow , …..AND as you may have noticed, im on a strict diet of GSD:’gittinShitDone’ -which is my dyslexic mod. of merlin_THE_mann’s awesome inspiring -and dare isay:life altering-blog, and his GTD guruthese days : so i’m using this blog as an opportunity to get some shit done-and git myself paid. im in a heavy commitment to myself and my experiences.

I am aware , it was I , who accumlated the “out credits” Mostly from not knowing how to say ‘no’ and by choosing to be ‘free’lance worker-( *littleKnownFact:it does not literally, mean free) and today, … essence, by putting up the button, im expanding the channels and possibilities of available source flow to me and my unpaid rent etc.., so if one of you sources happen upon here..u can easily drop a reimbursemnet by clicking on donate-i love that this will be further evidence for my flow tests …
i luv you and thankyou …now carryon, my waywerd sons