One amazing quality , that can change you’re life.

if I have one distinctive,  awesome  trait that i’m aware and proud of it is this:

I can  create fun from any event place situation etc.

See….in my life i’ve quite often found myself in  situations seeming unbear-able..(i.e.:forced family time…being grounded? obligations to people/events i  dread ..being trapped with snakes on planes…etc)
Yet somehow, at a young very age,
I learned to cultivate this ability of forcing the fun /entertainment value out of where i am at-however originally loathsome.
Not sure whether it was a gift i was born with or just my inner Pavlov’s dog ..working out the way to adapt to these situations…
Regardless, I’ve realized lately, as i attempt this conscious-of-my-reactions-thing, how  important and rare a trait this is. It has made events unfathomable at first notice..some of the radest times of my life.
So, my advice: Reach deep to find the fun spots-nomatter the situation

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