orson is awesome (repeat ten x fast)

so i thought i was going to a quick orson show at avalon this eve…as in : they are on at 10 over at 10 45. home by 11.
haha. couldnt be so simple.

I decide to go out after making morning plans to go to a yoga class in venice with mw-at like 9 am…my thinking was alongthe lines of “ perfect..i’ll quickly see orson,…get home by 1130, bathtub,,,bed. early yoga…at the beach. ”nice thought….unfortunately,no.
it turns out the orson show is some benefit with like 45 bands( ‘bands’ is a strong term for a few of the performances) and orson is playing last. of course. funny thing is all the kids left before the main awesome-ness went on. damn did those freaks miss out. and i dont use the term freaks lightly; it was unreal hollyweird people watching this eve.. (thankgawd…at least for the distraction from the rockin nightmares on stage whilst i awaited orson)
in the hollyweird parade this eve: ..you had your weeknight bridge and tunnel ‘clubbers’ -late 20’s through to 40’s..all in their best inland empire interperations of p’glamorous’ hollywood style…takin from the pages of people magaqzine.
think britney meets ivana trump at the JC penneys?
sequins were spotted on three separate ladies..one in particular stands out … a golden bolero jacket that didn’t quite fit...over a nice’N’tight long sheathe of floral viscose. all this lovliness a touch drunk and yeilding an enormous faux letherette designer target ‘purse’ that whipped me in the hip about thirty times.
elegant and glamorous, indeed.
another fond memory? no prob.. : blonde frost n tipped muscle heavy height challenged dude in a crisp white cotton sport coat, worn ‘baggy'(?) over a crisper blue and white button-down shirt…and buttoned down, it was…..just enough so as to reveal to us all his perfext golden orange tan , that set off his impossibly whitened teeth ..which in fact matched his white leather dress shoes.

all true. i wish i had a picture for you.
it was awesome. mix it all up in the dank slimy-ness that is the Avalon…and being it wasn’t quite full this eve… you’re prone to notice every roach and creep …with above fore-mentioned “bands” , it was quite the spectacal.
But my favorite person there?
the most incredible female ‘host’ mc EVER. between each precious moment btwn the bands..she’d hold her lips just so…against the mike and entertain us all with her ‘crazy’ talking and cajolling of the crowd.. constantly referring to her singleness and lack of sex and lack of skills(?)
it was weird.
almost too weird to be annoying..but not quite…..she was definitely the most annoying human i ve encountered in a good long time.

but the last orson filled hour, nothing was annoying…
i dont remember liking a ‘local’ band this much , since shestolemybeer days..
think joe jackson meets wilco meets elvis costello on sesame street with lyle lovitt.
… Jason is an awesome frontman plus his lyrics and voice kick ass.go orson. you rawk.

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