picked up mjk and ie at the airport

sunday i [picked up mjk and ie at the airport..then mjk and i hung out at the house.
went to dinner with a fun group on sunday bh and dravens nephews camwe. dl was there..(swoon)
ns hil ls ie Very nice to see Ls as ie has seemingly sequestered her to his place for months ..it seems.
then monday…fairly chaos free…got mjk organized . he had lunch with dl -i did laundry. then ie and ls came up top the house and we loaded all the precious wine into my car. then i proceeded (with ls) to follow the boys in the porsche in the heat of the day thru brutal traffic to inglewood to the forum. ugh
mellow before the show dhl and al and mh came down.had an amazingly revealing and honest convo with al and mh
we had fun. hil and ns2 bought tix and met us there.
the actual show was perhaps one of the most amazing experiences in my life thus far. i felt small and overwhelmed and ecstatic and energized and loving and like a little kid and a parent all at the same time.
it’s funny how i dont relate the person on stage to the mjk i know.the fans went WILD.
so proud.
got a post card from ch. must of sent it the day he left.
worked with cw all day ..dk came over and saved the day (or the book)
then met coleycole and mw and spent afternoon in the pool and eve at meeting…with hil and ns too. then dinner at the indian place ..
funny. then saw coleys newly decorated apt. then ns and i met hil and we went to ledome…nico was having a thing..then we went by the standard..it was absolutley awful…unbearable for me.