Truth in email

sent to me this morning:( weird..or not? it would seem someone wrote this with insider trading tips( on moi) ….or knowledge of my inner/outer werkings..or maybe they read my blog.) —

Dear A , As per the horoscope, you are under the influence of the Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury. You have a lonely personality and innovative ideas. You will always be attracted towards new ways of thinking. Your marriage will not be in accordance with customs and traditions. You will never see eye to eye with others.

After careful thinking, you will draw analytical conclusions about everything. Others do not approve your plans or thoughts. You will never care about others however you will care for those people whom you love. You will not like routine work and working in a team. You have the ability to become an artist, writer or an inventor and you will excel in any work you undertake. Your financial position would be uncertain. You can make money through writing and art.

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