zuma-The used

drove out 2 zuma early am.
beautiful drive up the back route through the canyon…
felt sureal.then beach side down. went to d’s soccer game -guess who was there?jk
nice surprise!!
its so funny how you forget how much u misss people till re-united.
what does that mean?
anyway..then dealt with volvo stuff…OH YEAH i bought(almost….part down) a new xcv70
navy out/’taupe’ in
leath-ah ..woohoo
then home little down time till headed over to the doggielamma’s :from here, dloh and i drove out to redlands(?) university to see the used…we had a fun drive out.he drove my white rental pacifica…we get along much better when i dont drive.

bought cds listened to the cure (formerly known as:the queer)
amongst others..then drove around campus looking for the shoew.
so college-ish-y weird not familiar.met brandons girlfriend -who GAVE me shwag…very cool.
shirts are fuckin funny..especially to me:
bert is my homeboy in same style etc as tm.
the used rule by the way.