fighting rage

i have been fighting rage all day-Everything is causing me to feel so much anger –
Really stupid shit
-my cousin upstairs-people knocking on the door-my phone ringing-driving-parking-work
OH yeah..AND once again…
my stupid choices for friends.. how many times do i get given the same situation till i see it before i get bit??
well , to be fair, i have awesome friends in general-its just the ones on the side i pick up that others are leary of always..and i defend till im left in the dust shaken by their deceitful personalities( laughable one , this time,at least)
geez i must be Pmsing.
.had mellow weekend
freese baby bday was cancelled due to rain, so i met dloh at mels..
we had a fun time. he was in awesome form.
i was laughing so hard and we stayed through 3 tables changeing behind us.
When he is on a roll, i can listen to his banter forever..except when he embarresses me….Case in point:
i saw a guy i thought was tom sizemoore..i was actually sure it was him…BUt ofcourse..danny knew better, par usuale… and to prove it to me he kept yelling TOM in the restaurant…so every-gdamn-one turned around, except “tom sizemoore”, of course.mortified me.( and he is one of the good friends..)

The canadadian in me still kinda weirded oot when at such a restaurant and i see all the tourists with maps and serious glints in their eyes ,as they look( sureptisiously..or so they think) for jennifer aniston or billy zane(?who??where’d i pull that name from..)

hollywood life funny.

but i did have an awesome early am. went to mels woth dloh and laughed a t his antics ( hf’s bday was cancellec)

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