Merlin Mann: Scared Shitless Talk

this video – from merlin mann : makes me feel  sensitive in the worst but best and most human connected way. The dessert :  his comments , about the experience , on his site :(The Post is Here) ” So, yeah. I did something really weird at Webstock. Weird for me and, honestly, just plain weird for…
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smoking is like picking your nose in public

In (very weak) defense of my vice: cigarettes are my vice – my only defense is when you are all having wine with dinner or scotch or sake…i dont get to. so i have a smoke. sometimes two- i love smoking but hate what it is. weak defense . terrible and ugly(maker) habit. nowadays smoking…
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The ocean

coupled with the people in the alley below me ( see pic) enyoying their china white. are keeping me up-

no babies rule:

.And yet another reason to support it.. what if they end up like this, i couldnt deal with being the proud mom…sorry.. id be WAY too embarrassed for her,in a moment like that. i will be the best aunt and go-dmother . Technorati Tags: lovelife, direction, gimmicks, family, purpose, lame, fuckinEh, life, taintme, tannerc, weird,…
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Truth in email

sent to me this morning:( weird..or not? it would seem someone wrote this with insider trading tips( on moi) ….or knowledge of my inner/outer werkings..or maybe they read my blog.) — Dear A , As per the horoscope, you are under the influence of the Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury. You have a lonely personality…
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may the flow be with you, and also with me

re: donate button… First off, no, im not asking for free money…its just that I am owed manymany dollars, from a number of clients and friends, some for a good long time now…..and today im not really feeling the reciprocal flow , …..AND as you may have noticed, im on a strict diet of GSD:’gittinShitDone’…
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