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The govt is about to pass a bill that will enable censorship of the internet. PLEASE HELP or the world-wide-web will be VERY different . Check out arstechnica anti-SOPA reasoning :It’s the best reason i’ve read : SOPA Resistance Day- By Ken Fisher PLEASE STOP INTERNET CENSORSHIP HERE Congress is about to pass internet censorship, even though […]

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The AQ Test

It’s National Autism awareness day- so i took this test on wired:

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fuck off – canadian style..via the CBC

23 things, about this screenshot, strike me as FUNNY. One: the no-access,denial message , tempered ever so canadian-lly with : “Sorry Aboot That” and the other thing? being denied access to Canadian media / culture online, by none-other than the penultimate pushers of all things canadian-media related..the CBC. and the third item of humou, you […]

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Sherman Dickman, ceo of Postbox, deleted my account

Sherman Dickman, ceo of Postbox, deleted my account on their customer support forum – and my posts- for what he has deemed abusive posting. FIrst off, let me say , i have been a freelance web dev/fixer for 12 years-which means i test alot of software and   i am online alotalotalot  -constantly sourcing out […]

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This time of year- School starting time, i mean… always puts my “life-plans” thinking cap on. or ‘mind racing’ thinking cap , is more like it. where am i ? what i have done since last September.. or since the last time i had school to start tomorrow… ..Or since i forgot what i really […]

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Take The Demon Test

one of my favorite single-lame-life-late evening pasttimes is watching movies on the big tv-with laptop on hand to lookup refrences and actors etc…- “oh this looks like it was shot in canada..”-and hello.macbook+internets+imdb+wikipedia.. i instantly verify that fact plus learn the set dressers’ wife’s name ..the year the director was born…etc .. i ganrner all […]

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Adobe is creeping me out a little.

Apple AND Adobe: both companies are creeping me out alittle. alot Adobe posted this open Letter to Apple : We publish the specifications for Flash — meaning anyone can make their own Flash player. Yet, Adobe Flash technology remains the market leader because of the constant creativity and technical innovation of our employees. We believe […]

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remember dimitri of the awesomely delusional phone messages ?

do you remember these voicemails?: [pro-player][/pro-player] there is ..soo much more creepasaurous-ness behind this guy.. see: Jezebel: dimitrithelover.) Dimitri The Lover The Movie [BuzzFeed] Dimitri The Lover [Official Site] ”

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twitter may kill

On May 26, 2009, at 2:52 AM, Allison Leah wrote: Having not had my car available the last few weeks, i have found that old familiar teen angst feeling of being trapped .. not in big doses but definitely more prevalent than its been since…say highschool.. and i began to  wonder why..

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depressed moody etc.

So it only took me like twenty jesus-F-ing years to discover what could be some of my MOST favorited music…
embarrassing part: all of it has been RIGHT infornt of me.
Let me right infront of me , i mean, yes-this is all older music ..and it’s been out there, in the world for years..
BUT  i mean it literally:

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Much much more than a fellin’

Wow.  Today , after a lovely long sleep, I started cLeaning the shit out of my house, and my life which includes, but is not limted to:my house, my car, my comptuer(s) ,and my external HD’s…And this lands me in the trench of lost itunes folders.. folders into folders into folders Jesus mac what a […]

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Blvd Blurrrr

Allow me to “toot” my own horn:not bad photographry for one who who knows nuthing of it and with200 bestbuy camera eh?

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