everythings different and the same

everythings different and the same
dragonfly last night.
seemed rather testosterone heavy..not in a good way.
slimy drunk guys interrupting dance time
drunk dumb asses bug me to the nth degree.
they are so unaware of personal space
i dont think i got one full song worth of dancing without
having to move or being shoved or some dude grinning and touching
trying to ‘dance’ with me.
allison j. celebrated her ‘virginity’ loss anniversary?
albeit a dubious celebration she got the killer present:
the singer madeout w/ her(onstage)..luckyduck
still confused as to emails i received.
sorta feel like im on a reality show and i made it into the final round

you or not you?- sent a reply this afternoon..which i responded to. we’ll see.
gd hes sexy
this is a public service announcement for my crush
if u r the real deal, umm..
(and u read this..)
this is seriously embarressing-but funny
email me again,tell me about the other parts ofyour life
( as u can readmine here..)
due to serious shyness perhaps u could introduce yourself to me..?
if ur not who u say u r..or u r and are oherwise occupied: nevermind
ok-if nothing else i have a funny story to relay of interconnectedness online crush

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