How find me online roundup- july 2008

i like to keep tabs on what searches bring y’all here:
see here
and here
and it seems it just keeps getting raunchier…as you will see below..How to find me online,
as of july 2008:

stressless fucking
taint pics s
411 for free
worst case scenario
www.fuck ( what?)
taint pictures ( gross)findme 2008 n -(** you know this one aint a search for sweet pics of father and daughter…sick fuks)
assfixiation,(my fault for suggestive titling)

maynard james keenan ( carry on you guys…. he has his own sites.. like lots of them)
cute boys pictures ( i wish)
worst case scneario pictures
leatter to myself
fuck mecom (nice)
fantastic fucking ( uhm..ok..?huh)
staffishireterrier ( as per every round up of my siote searches…bewilderingly ,its always there??)
tired but cant sleep
gawd images.
boysfriends search ( pathetic:me or searchers..i dunno)
fuck ( and once more.. for clarity.. yes.. this is the biggest search term finding me)