get back into writing

trying to get back into writing in here- things in my life feel awfully weird; lots of relationships that i had marked a ‘solid’ nhave fallen to the wayside.
felt sad etc etc. now just observant.
i hem and haw about writing in here, because im never sure who actally will its sort of a gamble as to how honest and detailed i can get.
regardless..not much in the way of my life, the world is going off though.
have a renewed interest in politics and the way the americans interupttheir own.
its bizarre. aside from the 2 m’s in my life, evryone elseseems pretty washed and taken
nother one for the canadian education or more so..the cbc and unbiased journalism. thankyou.
i turned 33 a few weeks ago. woah. christ age.
pretty lonely event.
went to vegas to see band. came home early.turned 6lastt week. double woah.
dont care for much of any of this . lots of work, which i do like.
learning more.