slept in again

slept in again-felt so good.
ns came and took me for coffe. he said the show yesterday was unbelievable-so envious-he had an amazing day/night.sounds like-topped off with courtney love buyiung him in and out burger and flashing him her chest…
crazy life.i ate with ag and mi last night then sat with mj and wayne till 2am-fun.-mellow.
max will not stop barking. gg liked one of the designs-needs to change a few elements-but seems to like general idea of one of them. supposed to be going to the beach for a bbq-not into it,though. tonightis the vespa thing. should be fun.i’m thinking that it will be a nice change from the insanity that is work , for me , right now. i told mj i would go shopping with him, too.