wait…. im on james freys side now

The other night, i randomly….no..not randomly-i forgot: random doesn’t exist …..so anyway..i guess i was ‘drawn’ to turn the tv on  , at an odd hour – and guess what (who)? was on Oprah ‘confronting’ the most recent blahged about topic here(and everywherejames frey.  The thing that struck me,  is that oprah ,  seems to be behaving like she was ‘confronting’ mr.frey out her own humiliation…which comes off  kinda looking weak. i mean the guys fucked, everyone sees it. but  this appeared, to me,  like an unnecessary human attack.i dunno..maybe it was just  for ratings…but come on..the  hard hitting questions from Oprah like ;“Were there  one or two root canals , james…just answer the question….one  or two?” thats  lamo-rama, Oprah.I fully concede to his lameness in what he lied about about how he fronted and especially acting such a pompous ass- i even wrote  a HUGE  rant at him  ,  but now…i kinda feel  bad for the what seems overkill on the punishment of a person already taken down.My take at this point is that he is  just a smart-ass who hadnt allowed for  alot of spiritual growth ( up to know- cause you know he’s going through some heavy forced spiritual growing at this point-)-with an oversized sense of importance  i mean, if you read (listened) to “hisbook”-and especially if you’ve ever been in recovery, or have gone through you’re own darknight and come through…you’d have a sense of his impossible grandiose attitude and would have had a sense (or  i did anyway) of how he was setting himself up for some sort of fall- via the air of conquering something that (seemingly) needs a spiritual awakening for any conquering at all to happen, led me to feel likehis path of ‘awakening’ was not complete- Now I think Oprah needs to check in with why shes so vehemently chastising another human –the end dialogue . was somewhat redeeming , for both of them..iguess.. kinda like Oprah won , though.Personally i just dont think the public attack in the way they did it was very graceful or ‘oprah-ish’NOt that ANY of this is important to my life, other than something to one (or two) off blah-g about…, , , ,

2 thoughts on “wait…. im on james freys side now

  1. he’s still a bitch. regardless of how you frame it. he should be kicked in the neck. and then shot and spit on. fucking with people like he did is just completely fraudulent. he should be blacklisted from every doing anything again like the communist he is and then something else terrible that i can’t think of now.

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