letter to you,

you told me i should make something of this, of my site, that i really “had” something.Thanks. it was a really cool thing for you to say. and i appreciate your input. the thing is, that day, when you told me that , that i should do something with this, i really wanted to talk…
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twitter may kill


On May 26, 2009, at 2:52 AM, Allison Leah wrote: Having not had my car available the last few weeks, i have found that old familiar teen angst feeling of being trapped .. not in big doses but definitely more prevalent than its been since…say highschool.. and i began to  wonder why..

not sexy.

listen to post’s theme song** note to boys : making the first move- is infinetly way sexier than being a ‘gentleman’ ..and being kinda urgent and pushy about it..even sexier.* .PLEASE KNOW THIS ..a slight shove…pushing me against the wall? done…… it’s on.* i m there. Its simply just one , quick..overwhelming fell swoop of…
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i am officially not procreating.

disclaimer: this is all bad..this fuckin music on tv……its not interesting..Nothing makes me feel like dancing or singing or screwing or however music has /should make one feel…i feel aghast. music my peers made. I know there are great musicians out there- making awesome stuff right now..but it sure as hell isnt making it to…
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dad memory#1


q#2;describe your father:what was he like whe u were a child?as u grewup? my dad was very kind and gentle as i got older, but as a child he was very gruff and grumpy and distant, i was scared of him till i was about 18. he wasn’t that present in my life(although my parents…
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daily downside

breakfast w/d at ihop was a surprisingly nice start to a productive day … But,to be fair to my recent pessimistic nature, i must give precedence to bad news (sorry): After my hearty all-american ihop breakfast of a bacon cheese burger,  i (as a canadian and former vegitarian ) was forced to became  aware of …
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random cute boys

k.FINALLY got up and went to lc this am.had breakfast with the cute boy. hmmm.rejuvenating and inspiring (to get me to more of these morning meetings) feel kinda hungover today. going to an engagement party for dr and c. have no real idea who will be there..as in :who i will know. feel nervous, but…
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bday at the dfly


last sunday was the funnest . aj organized a bday thing for me at dragonfly. in doing so it took all the stress off me..and cause only 5 people came it was idealic..j and a and mw and sgp al came. i couldnt believ j came..AND the best part is he brought jps..my mostfavorite person…
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