not sexy.

listen to post’s theme song**

note to boys : making the first move- is infinetly way sexier than being a ‘gentleman’

..and being kinda urgent and pushy about it..even sexier.*

.PLEASE KNOW THIS ..a slight shove…pushing me against the wall? done…… it’s on.*

i m there.

Its simply just one , quick..overwhelming fell swoop of a move.. that states:

“im the dude, your the chick, and now i will have you”

guy pulls this..and pretty much, for me..its guaranteed.

Tenative, gentle passiveness in guys? not sexy… shy coy = gross.

maybe some like that .. and i apologize to those who do..but i dont.

( *only if its a mutual attraction..of course..otherwise this one is a bit sticky)

**the post’s general sense is better understood with soundtrack playing.-