One amazing quality , that can change you’re life.

Not sure whether it was a gift i was born with or just my inner Pavlov’s dog ..working out the way to adapt to these situations…

Regardless, I’ve realized lately, as i attempt this conscious-of-my-reactions-thing, how  important and rare a trait this is.

the meaning of..


The concept of free software development is straightforward: software is a form of knowledge and all knowledge should be shared to benefit all people at all times. Unlike those people embracing the moving target concept euphemistically known as intellectual property, people advocating free software development believe that software is knowledge and not property. The concept…
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The Sunk Cost Fallacy


Although i am over-laden with ism’s.and issues(pass the tissues).. This particular -ism, i do not fall prey to…but it resonated with me because i recognize it as a common affliction of many around me( who shall remain anonymous) – If you’ve ever overeaten at an all-you-can-eat buffet just because you wanted to get what you…
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what will it take?


to become a fucking awesome person that is super rich in every aspect of the term rich? well, first lets look at the assininity of timepassers that hold us locked outside of the great world of plenty…how manytimes a day do you find yourslef pondering ~ “what do you call male lady bugs?” or ”…
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6 degrees of newmodelarmy


the title means nothing. it just sorta combines the spackling of thoughts and stuff that flew through my life today. So you should probably stop reading right now , unless you’re sooo bored that u think u can handle the crazy train im on this am – this post is going nowhere…but im doing an…
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what is the best ever?


music is. best ever. 01-music-is-love it trumps every other bestever everytime. bestever food, boys. .friends boyfriends..and anything … EVER. it is so awesome, that i wish i could crawl into some songs and just live there. ”where’s allison living these days? oh she’s moved to that peter gabriel song , somewhere in us or your…
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