a million little pieces : published embellishment

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Or “how James frey Stole My Future husband”:

it’s like this:..when that shit book originally came out- and everyone was raving about (and buying) James Freys :

“ .. shattering, beautiful memoir, A Million Little Pieces,”

Basically , i saw it as being personally dream- jacked by a waspy, frat boy/man’s, semingly shocking behavior and ‘lifechoices’ brought on via drugs and alcohol – and the heroic, anti-establishment style ,subsequent conquering of said addictions(?) )-how you wonder?I’m a drug addict, (not proud-nor unique.. just garden variety )-so when it came out- it was very much in my face…My many thoughtful friends constantly asking me what i thought of the book or actually giving it to me( three copies one cd set)… and instead of being pleased and interested-i got bitchy (on the inside) I secretly hated on him and his masterpiece . -not because i am awful and cannot stand other peoples success…- i am all about everyone elses success. its my thing, really. but this guy really bugged me . partially because of these kind of reviews:

“(James Frey) ..does away with a lot of things: punctuation, standard grammar rules, 12-step programs, belief in a higher power, and, eventually, his addiction to alcohol and drugs. In doing so, he has rewritten the rules ‘Recovery Memoir’ and established himself as a major literary talent.”(quote from here)or“A Million Little Pieces is an uncommonly genuine account of a life destroyed and a life reconstructed.”(from the books publisher..)

or like this:


The big noise began with a now-famous New York Observer interview, two full months before the book’s release, in which the 33-year-old Frey wasted no time sawing off the legs of his rivals. “I don’t give a fuck what Jonathan Safran whatever-his-name does or what David Foster Wallace does. I don’t give a fuck what any of those people do. I don’t hang out with them, I’m not friends with them, I’m not part of the literati.” Don’t even get him started on Dave Eggers. “A book that I thought was mediocre was being hailed as the best book written by the best writer of my generation. Fuck that. And fuck him and fuck anybody who says that. I don’t give a fuck what they think about me. I’m going to try to write the best book of my generation and I’m going to try to be the best writer.”


~( note 2 James : you did a badass job at trying to be ‘the best writer’…kinda onpar with your attempt to tell the truth , in my dyslexic op.- u writing was just cool and aloof enough to be dubbed ‘genius’ by fading hipster reviewers-)~ but i mostly hated because his published embellishment was my idea.Well, not exactly, but kinda. You see, just prior to his publication of fabrications, id come to notice the potential marketable value in the my own memories…It dawned on me while i observed the real horror i could invoke from telling bits of my own sordid past.‘this lovely upper-middle class polite canadain blonde girl, who recants (true) tales of crack runs in havana- or waking up in motels on washington Blvd. , with three LARGE fellas hovering(?) in the corner and…or leaving your amazing handsome soccerstar boyfriend -on the side of a road – mid our romantic mexico vacation- to head out into the night (and stay there for months) with an unseemly pockmarked man who waved a gun around aimlessly ,randomly threatening to blow random passerbys brains onto sidewalk;–(u get the idea..)-So after noting the consistent shock /disbelief /silence/horror these fun facts always seemed to incur at holiday gatherings (or first dates)-i’d (albeit obiviously too slowly) begun to solidify my ultimate easy sell and get rich quick plan: All i needed to do was jot down my little ‘shock n ‘awe’ , memoirs Just get them on paper and tpo publisher and git paid-…. All of which would then insure me lots of money and easylivin of which would of course include an endless stream of knoxvillian owenwilson dave grohl style crushes to draw from plus alot of other perks im sure i cant even fathom…. fuckin awesome.this was to be cake. – i was so excited!but …guess what? james “liarliarpantsonfire” Frey, you fucked it all up.You robbed me of my history’s market value.Not by cheating all you guillables of a true account of triumph over drug addiction..or his life thus far.. Just by jumpingthegun on getting the stories out there. See. his story is essentially true-just go to the lc any weekday am ; there are hundreds upon thousands of people just like him , whom have ( still are living) lived just what he recanted lied about in print. True tales that continue to out shock/trump one another at every gathering of a certain genre of persons living with a certain mental and physical disease.But i knew it was death to my dreams as soon as i read the book. there wasn’t any way i could do it after him. Not with him being the penultimate white-bread addiction conqueror(~even..sans AA..) He was tragic, yet heroic -in his roguish (supposedly)handsome way. (dont see it) AND the werst part was that he maintained an aloof egotistical manner. Which is always a crowd pleaser.(i am and can be many things- but aloof is not one.im more like an eager puppy..i find it very difficult to achieve that ultra state of cool ..the aloofness, i have a little sally feild in me). what a dream fucker . but just so you know: if i’d have gotten to the publishers first : …the whole tar n feathering he’s recieving for the silly lies prolly wouldn’t have happened- or would have been far less signifigant or blogged about …why? because no-one would have read/listened to “amillionlittlepieces”….Nope.Because you would all still be reeling in horror over my memoirs.guaranteed.So you see, we ALL lost when Mr frey got published and my dream was shatterd…in..youknow”a million little pieces”…

Mr frey not only robbed you of fifteen bucks for the book on cd.. but also of what could’ve been and now will never be-(save for the odd thankgiving dinner tables in southern california- ):My happy ending with Dave Grohl?…shattered..into a million little peices..To quote from the book~ (the one that usurped my dream)…Mr.Freys puts it


“…..real life is usually the worst. the truth is what matters. It is what I should be remembered by..remember the truth”.

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