dk came over

dk came over and hung out this eve. nice to see him. walked the dog-went up the street and met p with ss mj jo and mi-went to jones’s for dinner and then i went to ns’s to help plan his trip.
he’s so funny. very much a perfectionist, i think.
feel alright, albeit a bit sleepy.

i understand so much about my feelings that have come up this past few months-awesome talk with ss. i see that i was doubting my self and my own process-and i have become so mis trusting for whatever reasons. BUT i am not mistrusting- i believe people aand there isn’t anything bad about that.
i say things to others, sometimes that shock me…as in advice that comes from my mouth regarding life or love or whatever and as i hear myself say it- irealize i must listen to myself more often…i am becoming a person that i like …if that makes any sense..i’m so punchy.
i guess i am coming out of this intropespective period and reaping some beneifits from it

i don’t know what any of this means