worst case scenario

please press play for posts theme song- it enhances the reading of my writing;
PICTURE THIS, if you will:

YOU( or me in this scenario) have terrible mood-swing style PMS- and Agree to drive 4 LA based control freak friends (on American thanksgiving weekend), < from LA to san diego , to an arena rock-show..-and the be sure that all your above aforementioned passengers have maudlin leaning fondness for rockband playing show of which you speak.

Why are you driving them ..u ask?

well see.. u are THE conduit to said band -as in u are not just getting them there…you are their tickets and passport to that special vip status any good Angolan ..of the vip-hollywood corner expects.. you dont go to shows without access.. Ever.Especially not in somewhere faraway..like SD.

So you (and your PMS) are the one-2-know –

That special someone associated with said band and the passangers/ fans have laid their velvet rope high expectations: on YOU(with PMS).- to not only deliver them via southern california freeway on a holiday…but insure them their Hollywood citzen rights of VIP everything .got it?

k.. Arrive in sandiego and start attempting to call your conduit to vip- only to find your brand new hollywood digital phone service doesnt work past venice beach…?WHAT?

So with only your raging hormones guiding you (your passengers are useless past olympic blvd…they just smoke and wait for you to deliver)You somehow make it to the bohemth arena rock stadium..and gain contact w/ friend-in-band friend…BUt…as i mentioned a few times.. you and your pms self..well..you immeadiatley pick a fight with him.So, now..youve alienated your connection , and have a crew of fully disapointed ‘not good out of their elements’ Hollywood type group you transported nagging you to make up with him.. please ..cause they just want to meet/greet / get autograph blah blah…painfully and begriudging due to PMS..Somehow get it sorted to a point where they get in to see the show.. and get them backstage postshow-to the mythical party room..otherwise known as ‘meet n greet’).. get them their meetings/autographs..phewf..almost done eh?

oh no.. its not over for you yet..nooope.When saying byebye ( and apolgizing through grittd teeth to friend you lost it undesrvingly on) realize you have lost your ONLY set of car keys..Its 3 am…you’re 3 hours from home..have no credit card..you?That ‘group’ has no empathy/sympathy/ apathy…they all flee in next departing cars….as u get dropped off…in parking lot of some crack motel…30 dollars type–dont sleep or brush teeth- At first light.. find way to back to the parking structure where said vehicle is…****Remember you have no cell service…this is all via payphone and goodfaith***..wait for triple A-for 5 hours– only to have them tell you that they wont/cant tow your car..have another 2 hours wait for the paid tow truck…Arrive at the dealership just as they close…..only to be told the key will take approx. 1-2 weeks to be made…murphys law? mercury retrograde? ( PMS )shitfuckhellpisscrap.fuckemall.

Then have loving friends drive down in friday afternoon holiday southern california traffic to pick u up…( thnkU)..But wait…more:About 10 miles to far to turn back..

You realize ( silently of course..at this point) you left your phone( that didnt have service in area) at the dealership.

all true.And that my friends..is my worstcasescenario.