Safer/smarter than relationship…

Boyfriend Arm Pillow a sales successhmm, i dunno, but at the rate im going, and the way i view ‘relationshits“this is a smart way to feed the pms-y mis-guided want of cuddle , perhaps. {} {} Technorati Tags: genius, gimmicks, lame, lovelife, me, weird

random cute boys

k.FINALLY got up and went to lc this am.had breakfast with the cute boy. hmmm.rejuvenating and inspiring (to get me to more of these morning meetings) feel kinda hungover today. going to an engagement party for dr and c. have no real idea who will be in :who i will know. feel nervous, but…
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la style

just got back from brkfast w/many versions on cuteboys. very intresting -had a great visit with A

sunday went to dragonfly

sunday went to dragonfly. everything is weird i have a serious crush . LIKE HIGHSCHOOL. kasabian is so good. so is new xx. xxxx is hotter than most. no chin and all. x writes good songs. there will be other new music out in the new year, that will guarantee to blow everyone.i m very…
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birthday at dfly

last sunday was the funnest . aj organized a bday thing for me at dragonfly. in doing so it took all the stress off me..and cause only 5 people came it was idealic.. j and a and mw and sgp al came. i couldnt believ j came..AND the best part is he brought mostfavorite…
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lacking in crushes

i think im lacking in crushes again. i have to find new ones. let me know if you think of any or think you could be one. come on

The Dfly Chronicles:part 5

met the elusive(to me) enigmatic to all..kevin/M ..albeit dont know if he quite got who i was, or even recalled the emailing -as it was a few months ago…and in a rockstars life , thats many babes ago.&..The sea of babes is gi-normous for these guys. W and friend showed up, as did Rene. I…
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spazmatics last night was fun. murphyjensen came, which is always fun. sorry, even this long after seeing them… i still think they are hot. something endearing about this band, especially the ballet segement.

neighbours are hot

my life is weird. or more accuretly, i guess, life in general, is weird. i live below 2 army rangers. as in US army special forces , both veterans of the war. They are little boys, in that they are 22 and 23. they are both my friends. Jf is like my brother. tonight a…
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spazmatics fun i gave d my camera he got some pics from on onstage. Brought La, and she, of course.. was sooo awesoem..they sart playing like a virgin..and i said GO Up n Dance.(kinda kidding..,mostly just hoping she’d do this: .., knowing full well she’s the only person i know who could pull that shit…
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The rawkstar set up

so maria is here scouring out the spiders and mould i have accumulated over the terrential downpour season ,( as apposed to rainy ) havent heard hide nor hair of mom. shitty. ..yesterday was interesting/cool. i offered up my house for jken to host a brunch for jp ‘s bday here ( JP doesnt live…
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