How to deal with PHONE spam

ze frank has the most useful advice when it comes to dealing with telemarketers/ collections companies or general phone spam.. (which is alot these days)…Instead of screaming DONT CALL HERE..or putting them to vm…answer try one of these ( listed below are my personal faves..but check them all out over at ze frank: 2. In…
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The Breakfast Club


The Breakfast Club “…demented and sad, but social“- John Bender i have quoted that line as a means to   defining most of my social situationships )- since seeing the breakfast club at ? 12? 13?? One of my most stirring emotional memories from that bizarre ‘Pre-teen,pre-potsmoke/parent-liquor-stealing-shitmix-drinking/jaded-but-not-really-just-sheltered’ periods in my from the afternooon after seeing The Breakfast CLub ….
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Aaron Swartz 1986-2013

The Manifesto below was written by Aaron Swartz, who commited suicide on Jan 11 2013, at  26. Aaron was being charged by US DoJ with wire fraud and computer fraud, carrying a potential prison term of up to 35 years and a fine of up to $1 million -not to mention -family debt-inducing legal fees. To…
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How Would You Spend One More Day with Your Dad?

Creelmans Roundhouse

In an old corevette- (rented for Dad Awe factor only) i’d pick him up ( at the heavens gate depot?–somehow i imagine him waiting with albert brooks and meryl streep from that movie…sort of at a’cloud’ stop) and head out of LA to Palm Springs- giving us an easy long drive to catch up- I…
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music is the best (reprise)


i dont play any instruments- i CANNOT hold a tune.( but i do SING) regardeless..Music is the most valuable and powerful *thing* in my life- barnone-  has been since i was a kid- Music causes me the most joy and pain. Songs have the most poweful emotional tapping-in to my psyche…random radio songs make me…
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One amazing quality , that can change you’re life.

Not sure whether it was a gift i was born with or just my inner Pavlov’s dog ..working out the way to adapt to these situations…

Regardless, I’ve realized lately, as i attempt this conscious-of-my-reactions-thing, how  important and rare a trait this is.

Google Chrome can use your ATM card

google Permissions

Was just starting to really appreciate Googles’ chrome-browser- especially while building sites…so today after a good few hours of testing new css and php from within what i thought was my new  *BBF- i decided to look at the chrome web app store/gallery thingy- for some new developer extensions*- *and NOT to see if angrybirds…
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Best Advice Ever


Words To live by ( or die pun) From Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address: [pullquote sid=”pullquote-1327189532″]Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your…
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