The Doggie Lamma


I am so devasted by the death of the doggie Lamma-aka-Helmie- the helmunster…. …so sad that i havent been able to write a post about him and aboout how he affected me- i cant even really do it now.. but here’s an attempt: Helmie and i met during one of my saddest periods in life…and…
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i’m Breaking up with lifehacker


to this here website,(taintme)-The site been the absolute fav/bestEver/ go-to site -barnone. A source of much ¬†inspiration , frequent reblogging and general nerd/hack awesomeness …I’ve found projects that spoke to the hybrid nerd in me ..projects i would actually carry out- start to finish…The site filled a gap that is/was extremely specific to my…
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This time of year- School starting time, i mean… always puts my “life-plans” thinking cap on. or ‘mind racing’ thinking cap , is more like it. where am i ? what i have done since last September.. or since the last time i had school to start tomorrow… ..Or since i forgot what i really…
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letter to you,

you told me i should make something of this, of my site, that i really “had” something.Thanks. it was a really cool thing for you to say. and i appreciate your input. the thing is, that day, when you told me that , that i should do something with this, i really wanted to talk…
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You Got Me


BEFORE READING : To trully appreciate this post’s full dramtic effect-ive added enhancing mood music-just press play ) play post theme song “A lie, by omission or directly fabricating .. leads people to decide other than they would, had they known the truth,It harms their human dignity and autonomy.It is believed that to value…
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Crush application

im fairly bored these days…and as i am truely boycrazy and there doesnt seems to be any boys to be crazy about around me…i adapted the ‘boyfriend application” from somewhere – so as to be more me/la/friendly… if u feel excited by the thought of me and carrot cake and gingerale…. …GO HERE and send…
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help stop war


i am sick and sad. it seems lame to be upset over what i’m upset over- but i am. i am just fucking tired of this shit . i dont do many great things on a day to day basis- or in my life, in general… but i know one of my most valuble and…
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the strangest period of my life

this is the strangest period of my life. not the top of the strange -like if i were rating degrees of strange :this isnt the number one, but the strange feelings and shifts around my life are trippy.i wish i could explain better. it’s sorta like if you half wake up from a super intense…
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third wheel

p-o-ed. i am . i just got royally stood up by d and m. feel like this was some sort of personal afront to me. ( but, of course i know it just over being third wheel)

i dont like this

odd weird sad feeling has struck ..or crept up on me this saturday afternoon.awesome visit with mj at fred segal..lunch shopping (bought myself grossly overpriced sunglasses.)he bought me some awesome sexy came over later we shot the shit etc.but now i am here and it is sunny and inbetween day and night..nuthing to do…
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forensic files and sex

i am single . i am sorta still sad. not sad in an upset i want him back kind of way…more just sad that i dot get to watch forensic files and have sex and silly stuff. i know i will again..its just that i got used to ch.oh’s bday last night. cr dd…
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what is really going on for me?

what is really going on for me? i am scared out of my mind. i am scared of not getting legal working freedom in the us. i am scared of not ever having enough money that i earn to pay back my mom and pay my own bills all the time easily . i am…
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